Five Classically Beautiful Styles of Ornamental Iron Fences for Your Dream Home


Ornamental iron fences serve various purposes, such as security, safety, creating boundaries and enclosures, and signifying property lines. Wherever they are incorporated, however, they stand to create a sense of beauty and elegance as well.

Choosing the ideal fence for your dream home requires an understanding of the various types and the elements they employ. Once you know more about the many captivating styles of ornamental iron fences, you will be better able to choose the perfect model for your home.

Spearhead Finials

Many very attractive fences feature tall pickets topped by spearhead finials. Good looking and elegant, these finials help, too, to keep intruders from crossing into your yard and home.

Alternating Pickets

In keeping with the protection the spearhead finial style provides, some fences alternate plain pickets with topped pickets to offer a more interesting presentation.

Arched Pickets

For softer presentation, arched picket fences may be incorporated into your design scheme. Feminine and elegant, these fences are often used to edge Victorian style gardens and create a sense of welcoming.

Geometric Elements

Especially popular with older homes in the Arts and Crafts style, fencing featuring geometric elements evokes strength, wisdom, and knowledge, along with highly stylized panache reminiscent of the designs of William Morris.


Ornamental iron fences that incorporate scrollwork are especially effective for creating an alluring ambiance for homes and gardens.

Whatever sense you wish to create, there is an ornamental iron fence style to meet your needs for beauty and security. Learn more about ornamental iron fences in El Cajon.


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